ATT-VOLT is a four channel multi-function control voltage source, signal processor, offset generator and mixer with a focus on playability via sliders.

Both audio and CV can be attenuated, attenuverted, mixed and offset. With nothing plugged in ATT-VOLT functions as a four channel manual control voltage source, with the voltage available from each channel continuously variable between -9 to +9 volts, useful for manually controlling CV inputs.

Each channel has an input, a voltage adjustment control, a slider to control the attenuation or attenuversion of the output, a button to switch the channel function between attenuation and attenuversion and a red-green bi-colour LED to indicate the polarity of the output. Channel inputs are normalled from left to right to allow for mixing of incoming signals or voltage present on the previous channel.

Various functions of ATT-VOLT below:

- Four channel manual control voltage source with variable positive or negative voltage output
- Attenuator/Attenuvertor with offset control
- Two, three or four channel mixer
- Patch-dependent combination of the above

Detailed usage guide and patch ideas are available here: ATT-VOLT User Guide


1.6mm FR4 panel
Depth: 27mm
Active Eurorack Module
Reverse-polarity Power Protected
Current Draw: +12V: 45mA, -12V: 43mA