3CAY is three decay envelopes in a compact 4HP package. Decay envelopes are perfect for snappy percussive sounds, melodic synth or bass lines or as modulation for a filter cutoff or other CV destination.

Each gate input is normalled to the next - all three decays can be set off with a single trigger or gate into the first input, as well as being fired individually. Decay times are adjusted with the three controls.

Two mix outputs are provided: postive and negative. All three decays are feed to the mix outputs and remain part of each mix even when the individual decay outputs are patched. The mix outputs can be used to create more complex decay modulation to a CV destination by trigging each decay with a mixture of different gates.

The negative mix is also useful for using the decays to duck other sounds - for example a sidechaining effect can be created by using a decay envelope to create a percussive sound, then using the negative mix to modulate the cutoff of a filter to duck another sound when the percussive sound is created. It pays to experiment with different CV destinations for the mix outputs.

The individual decay outputs have been kept relatively high compared to most other envelope modules, to achieve greater modulation range: peak output for each decay is around 9V. Note this high level may cause some VCAs to distort - for this reason you should confirm the voltage level your VCA CV input is expecting, else you may need an attenuator to bring the decay outputs down a little (unless you like a little distortion in your sound).


1.6mm FR4 panel
Depth: 27mm
Active Eurorack Module
Reverse-polarity Power Protected
Current Draw: +12V: 18mA, -12V: 15mA