SEQ4 is a four step utility sequencer with inputs for clock and reset, as well as buttons to manually advance through steps and reset to step one.

Each step has a 0-+10V output, available at the top OUT jack. The CLOCK and RESET jacks accept gates, triggers, LFOs or other CV as input to advance or reset the sequencer. Sending an audio rate signal into the CLOCK input results in crude waveshaping at the output, the charactor of which will change depending on the voltage setting of each step. Red LEDs indicates the currently active step.

Push buttons allow SEQ4 to be used as a manual voltage source, stepping through each voltage as required. Holding the CLOCK button while SEQ4 is being advanced by a signal patched into the CLOCK jack will result in SEQ4 holding the current step until the button is released.

Use SEQ4 to create 4 note sequences for VCOs, as a transposition sequencer for a larger sequence, as a modulation source or as a manually stepped control voltage source.


1.6mm FR4 panel
Depth: 27mm
Active Eurorack Module
Reverse-polarity Power Protected
Current Draw: +12V: 15mA, -12V: 11mA